Transforming Olives into Olive Oil

Transforming olives into oil… in so few words this may seem simple… But for generations, the Mazzone Family has made it their primary mission to transform the highest quality, single varietal Coratina olives into an exceptional oil guaranteeing authentic aromas, flavors and nutritional content.

Through the years, the Mazzone Family, while keeping an eye on modern technology, has maintained centuries old traditions to perpetuate this noble way of producing olive oil. The Mazzone family is known for working with small local cultivators with complete transparency, honesty and integrity. They have  garnered an highly esteemed reputation in their local community.

Working their olives exclusively with traditional granite mill stones and employing cold extraction, all of the sensory characteristics of the Coratina olive are conserved. With an acidity of less than 0.3%, the oil has an intensely fruity aroma and persistent flavor reminiscent of freshly crushed olives. The finish is decisive and vivacious, while harmonious on the palate. These characteristics make it a versatile extra virgin olive oil for everyday use.


Discover Puglia, Italy with Mazzone Olive Olive!

Visit Puglia with Mazzone Olive Oil this November for the Olive Harvest! This will be our 7th year, and we are filling up fast! For more info contact us!

Mazzone Olive Oil Recipes

Our Olive Oil is ideal for cooking and baking and does not burn or smoke up to 420F.

Mazzone Olive OilTricolor Caprese Salad

Mazzone Olive OilBasil Pesto

Mazzone Olive OilTomato Bruschetta

Olive Press- Edible Sarasota, Mazzone Olive Oil


Kate Wight, Edible Sarasota


If you think all olive oils were created equal, think again. When you visit Mazzone Olive Oil at the Downtown Farmers’ Market for a sample you’ll taste the difference. For generations, the Mazzone family in Puglia, Italy, has gently harvested and cold-pressed Coratina olives to create an oil that’s smooth, flavorful, and distinctively low in acidity. Their infused oils are a revelation: fresh fruit or herbs are combined with olives during pressing to create a true fusion of flavors. Give Mazzone Olive Oil a try and you’ll never think the same way about olive oil again.

Restaurants Using Mazzone Olive Oil


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