Spagyric Health Supplements

The Perfect combination of modern science with the most ancient herbal tradition. Erbenobili is a company specialized in the preparation of Spagyric products useful to support the organism function and to restore the balance of all physical and psychological strength.

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What is Spagyric

This is an ancient method of plant extracts preparation: in short it’s the ability to produce herbal mother tinctures/supplements, which are solutions deriving from the plants themselves. This is achieved through an all- natural process of extraction (which takes place in cosmic greenhouses and double demijohn).  Our process allows the end product to recuperate and be strengthened by all the functional substances of the plant. We do this without damaging or subjecting the plant to stress caused by artificial extraction machines.

Our Products

Erbenobili is an Italian spagyric health supplement company with distribution throughout the world. We use modern science along with traditional spagyric processes that date back to the 13th Century when the approach was created by Paracelsus.

Additional information can be found on the Spagyric Website.