The clock starts to tick and the seconds count down. A new year is rung in and someone pops a cork of bubbly to toast in celebration! Drinking light, sparkling, fizzy, bubbly wine on special occasions is a tradition that has historically been associated with luxury and celebration.

When you think of bubbly, your mind might immediately go to champagne. However, the French refreshment is only one of many that fall under the category of sparkling wine. Champagne must be produced in the region of Champagne, France, using specific grapes.

In Italy, celebrations are toasted with spumante (spu·màn·te), which directly translates to “bubbly wine.” Spumante can be produced in any area of Italy with any grape variety. Familiar forms of spumante include: Prosecco, Metodo Classico, and Moscato.

The tradition of drinking bubbly during parties and celebrations originated in the royal courts of Europe before 1789 with champagne. The expensive libation was viewed as a status symbol. Over time it became a worldwide practice to indulge in the drink for special occasions. Just the act of opening a bottle of bubbly is enough to commemorate an important event.

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