God Saved My Marriage Through Olive Oil

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(part 2)

How DID God Save my marriage through Olive Oil?  Fast forward 15 years.  Cinzia and I are married but separated, we have two small children and our lives are a complete mess. We are living in the Florida, far from Ruvo and we are caught in the vortex of our own pain, suffering, egoism, addictions.  Our marriage was on its death bed as Cinzia’s father was years earlier. Separated, attorney’s retainers were paid and the inevitable was being strategized.

One afternoon, in my office, where I spent most of my time as a well trained, depressed workaholic, I closed my eyes and prayed to God to show me the right path.  Immediately, in a flash, I saw Uncle Gino and the taste and smell of the pan fried olives, the bread, wine, Zio Rocchino, Ruvo…..Cinzia.
Was I prepared to walk away from this experience? The feeling of unconditional love, the kind that Jesus gives us? Was I prepared to deprive my children and Cinzia of this opportunity? God was there with me that day, and I made the decision to obey Him and reconcile with Cinzia. From that time, He has honored our obedience  by allowing us to continue to work with the coratina olive growers of Ruvo di Puglia. My family has been blessed by the Coratina Olives and Olive Olis and we pray that your family will be blessed as well by this wonderful product and its heritage.