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   Ray Galvin

Just wanted to say how blessed I am to have met the Forbes Family and to be introduced to Mazzone Olive Oil. I use it in or on everything I eat at home.

Don Light, Sr Co-Chairman C12 Groups of SW Florida


This might not sound true but it is, it’s so good that it’s even great not only my salad but on vanilla ice cream!

bethBeth Cave

Mazzone Extra Virgin Olive Oil is More Than Just a Great Olive Oil!

I was given my first bottle of Mazzone Olive Oil as a gift from my mother about four years ago (she bought it at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market).  Since that first taste, I have come to know and love Mazzone very much!  The flavor is outstanding; but educate yourself on good vs great olive oil and you will see why it’s the best!

Its low acidic levels and high polyphenolic compounds, combined with the hand-crafted processing by creators Guiseppe and Nuncia have convinced me of the oil’s quality and integrity.

I not only consume Mazzone Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but I use it on my skin daily. Thank you Cinzia and Mike for providing Sarasota, Florida with this incredible product!

gailGail Jeffrey & Ben, The Southern Basket, SRQ Farmers Market


Having used Mazzone Olive Oil for almost 20 years, it is proof positive that is one of the best on the market. Not only does it taste wonderful but it is healthy to use for salads or cooking.

Our dog, Ben, even gets a 1/2 a teaspoon with each feeding of his home cooked meals.

Long Live Mazzone! We love you!


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