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100% Italian Organic Rosemary Olive Oil from Puglia

The fragrant scent of fresh picked rosemary with fruity extra virgin olive oil is a stimulating sensation and the result of cold-pressing both in our stone mill together. The combination makes a tempting topping for grilled meat or fish, drizzled over hearty roasted vegetables, and will brighten your scrambled egg breakfast any morning.

Choosing only the finest ingredients, our flavors of olive oils are produced with the same attention to excellence as any of our products. This selection of olive oils is made without artificial flavors, rather through the simple process of crushing our organically grown Coratina olives together and then “co-pressing” them with the corresponding herb or fruit, in this case fresh rosemary.

Each of these ingredients produce natural oils, which are derived by means of first, stone-milling and cold-pressing each small batch. The organoleptic properties of the extra virgin olive oil and herb or fruit oils are preserved, acting both as a stabilizer and an aromatic perfume extractor encouraging the aromatic essential oils to reach their fullest fragrance. Enjoy with any culinary use including grilling, sautéing, marinading, and drizzling.


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