OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT –  1.7 fl. oz

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From our Erbenobili Spagyric Health Labs line, we offer a highly potent form of organic Olive Leaf Extract. Taken as a dietary supplement, this liquid form is intensely bioavailable to the body. Assists with lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, anti-inflammatory and anti-sclerotic.

Take 20 – 30 drops diluted in water by mouth twice daily, preferably in between meals.

Ingredients:  Olive (Olea europaea L.), macerated glycerine (distilled water, vegetable glycerine, ethyl alcohol, young olive tree 2% shoots), red grape (Vitis vinifera L.) extract (wine).

For more information about this and other Erbenobili Spagyric Health Labs herbal remedy products, as well as more information about the Spagyric method, see our Spagyric Health Supplements Website


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