Hot Pepper Taralli



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Spicy fans won’t be disappointed with these hot bites of crunchy goodness!

Ingredients: Whole wheat “OO” flour, white wine (contains sulfites), high oleic sunflower oil, olive oil, tomato sauce, salt, crushed red pepper.

Taralli and Puglia are synonymous with each other, the signature Pugliese snacks are made by hand in the traditional method with the mother grain of the land: “OO Flour”. Using the simple ingredients of salt, wine and olive oil along with the ancient grain flour, these snacks are lovingly crafted by artisan bakers in Ruvo di Puglia, home of Mazzone Olive Oil. Lightly flaky and slightly crispy, one bite is reminiscent of the leisurely time spent with friends over a glass of wine and excellent conversation. Savory and sweet flavors to choose from. Salute!


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