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Not just any cherry here! These are the highly sought after Pugliese Ferrovia Cherries, otherwise known as Railway Cherries. Legend says they were discovered near the railway in Bari and quickly became the favorite cultivar of the area. These heart-shaped, plump beauties are known for intense full flavor as well as being able to withstand transport by train to other parts of Italy. Did you know Puglia is the largest producer of cherries in Italy?? Near our family olive groves we enjoy the cherry harvest in early summer each year. Naturally, we wanted to share them with you year round so we brought them over for all to enjoy!

Great with meats, desserts, alongside pastries or on gelato. Pairs perfectly with a glass of prosecco to put a sweet spin on your bubbly!

Ingredients: Ferrovia cherries, sugar. No preservatives; naturally vegan and gluten free. Refrigerate after opening.


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