Mazzone Olive Oil “Going Global” – Taking Artisan Olive Oils World Wide


The hardest part of selling and marketing extra virgin olive oils is getting people to try your product.  At Mazzone Olive Oils, our first job is to make olive oils that are compelling and relevant to the palette of consumers world-wide.  For the most part, we, as master olive oil artisans since 1930, this is a job we cherish and think we are pretty good at doing.  But how do we convey this to the huge number of olive oil consumers that are unable tell the difference between a blended “off the shelf” low quality oil and a premium “Coratina” monovarietal extra virgin olive oil like Mazzone?  The answer….one person at a time.

Engaging and convincing the olive oil consumer is done with patience, solid information and tasting.  We must rely on getting the people to sample our Mazzone Olive Oils and explain what they are experiencing.  There are very few people that really know what a premium extra virgin olive oil is supposed to taste like, so we must use our communication skills to explain the healthy “bite” of polyphenols, Tocopherol and Oleuropein (I will explain these in a future article), the importance of “terreno” (terrain), “clima” (climate) and olive variety that create subtle changes in flavor from year to year.

For this reason, we at Mazzone Olive Oil have embarked on a mission to criss-cross the world educating and sampling our Artisan Olive Oils.  From the sleepy southern Italian village of Ruvo di Puglia where Mazzone was born in 1930 to Sarasota Florida and onward to Shanghai China back to Zurich Switzerland.  We have been participating in local trade shows and farmers’ markets around the world for decades taking Mazzone to the global community.  Our goal is to make our customers part of the “Famiglia Mazzone” teaching them to look forward to experiencing the new flavors that each year’s harvest will bring from their Italian family back in Ruvo di Puglia.