First Drops of Mazzone Extra Virgin Harvest 2016.

Wednesday marked the beginning of the new season at Mazzone Extravergine in Ruvo di Puglia.

This year’s harvest has started a month early as climate conditions have us racing to collect the olives from family groves of Coratina varietal olives.

Yields throughout Italy are low this year, nearly 40% off of last year’s bumper crops.  This is important for the consumer to know that this situation will encourage traditional large volume/ low cost producers to look for “creative” ways to bring oil to the market. Meaning: be aware that unless you know the producer, the product could easily be from sources outside of Italy.

Mazzone Olive Oil will absorb any increase in production cost in order maintain price levels in 2017. We can do this because we control the the process from the tree to the table.