Blossoms of Hope ~ Boccioli di Speranza

For the olive growers and olive oil producers of the southeastern Italian province of Puglia, this year’s explosion of flowering olive trees is of particular significance.

In March of 2018, last year, this region carpeted with endless miles of olive groves was hit with a devastating 3-day freeze that destroyed 80% of their crop. An economic, cultural and psychological catastrophe!

Puglia, alone, produces nearly 40% of Italy’s premium extra virgin olive oil.

However, this year, like the redeeming promise from God, the olive trees in Puglia are bursting with beautiful white blossoms, each small flower signifying a hope in the “fruit of light”, an olive that will relinquish its precious cargo of liquid gold in November.

Although songs of victory are yet to be sung, as 6 months must pass avoiding damaging hail storms, unrelenting heat waves, or parasite attacks, we at Mazzone Olive Oil are optimistic that Puglia will recuperate from last year’s debacle with an extraordinary extra virgin olive oil, naturally high in healthy polyphenols and low in acidity. The perfect combination of health and flavor.

For producers of authentic 100% premium extra virgin olive oils, there are always challenges aside from weather. We deal with rampant fraud, falsified products, the advance of a grove destroying bacteria, as well as countless economic and bureaucratic obstacles. 

…But for this year, we are optimistic and take faith in these tiny blossoms that point towards a brighter future.

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