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For generations, our family has been dedicated to the ardent love of olive oil. Based in Ruvo di Puglia, Italy, we produce some of the finest 100% extra virgin olive oil, exclusively from the Coratina olive. We do not practice any intense cultivation system, but instead hand pick our olives and promptly mill them through a cold-press extraction process. We cherish the care of our groves, respecting our family’s trees, some of which are centuries years old!

We closely handle every step of the business process. Our oil is harvested, pressed and bottled in Italy and then imported to United States. We sell our products directly at local farmers markets and at our retail warehouse location.

We hope you visit us to learn more and to try our oils for yourself. We love it when the care we put into our oil, makes it to your table and you can share a good meal with the ones you love. We look forward to connecting with you and sharing in the passion for good olive oil and cuisine. From Mazzone Olive Oil, welcome to the family!


We are a company that is first and foremost a family. Our company values are established upon our Christian faith and the love of people. View our Mission Statement and Company Values


Our high quality oils have a very low acidity, and are rich in powerful anti-oxidants. It is for health and benefit of our customers that we continue to reject modern and neglectful, large scale olive oil production processes.


The quality of our oils is what makes the flavor so incredibly rich and distinctive. We carry a classic and a colorful line of fresh infused olive oils that playfully allow for a creative culinary experience.

What our customers are saying about Mazzone … Testimonials

Meet the Family

Mike & Cinzia Forbes

Mike & Cinzia Forbes

President & Sales, Sarasota, Florida

Cinzia Forbes was born in Ruvo di Puglia, Italy. She met her husband, Mike while in Italy and was married. She later moved to the U.S. in 1994. They have two children, Carroll and Alessandro.

Giuseppe & Giacomo

Giuseppe & Giacomo

Farming & Processing, Puglia, Italy

Giuseppe (right) is current company owner of Mazzone Extravergine. He and Giacamo, his father (right), oversee the Mazzone Olive groves and handle the olive oil production in Ruvo di Puglia, Italy.


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