This is the week where millions of Americans will be celebrating the second most family-oriented
holiday after Christmas. Thanksgiving is a day dedicated to family, friends, football, and, most
importantly, food! Many families will be reuniting for the holiday for the first time in a very long
while. A lot has happened in the past year and maybe your plans for Thanksgiving are different
than what you are used to? Or maybe you might be thinking of switching things up this year?
In any circumstance, these are 10 ways you can upgrade your beloved Thanksgiving staples with
Mazzone Extra Virgin Olive Oils each and every year…

1. Cornbread

Simple homemade cornbread recipes usually call for some kind of
vegetable oil in the batter. Substitute this portion with an equal amount of
Mazzone Peperoncino Olive Oil and it will add a spicy snap to the classic side.
For those who like a sweet and spicy combination, drizzle some local honey
on top to make it perfect. Mmmm!

2. Cranberry Sauce

Many people forget the important role cranberry sauce takes on
the Thanksgiving plate. The tangy sweetness cuts the rich and savory
flavors of our favorite dishes. To add a new and sophisticated
depth to your homemade cranberry sauce, pour a fine line of
Mazzone Orange Olive Oil on top before adding it to the dinner

3. Sweet Potatoes

No matter how you prefer to prepare your sweet potatoes at
Thanksgiving, Mazzone Classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil will make sure
your mash is smooth and your casserole is delectable. The olive oil
enhances the natural sweetness and flavor of sweet potatoes and is
essential for any dish that includes it.

4. Brussel Sprouts

Any kind of roasted vegetable adds texture (and nutrition) to the
Thanksgiving plate. Toss your Brussel Sprouts with Mazzone Extra Virgin Olive Oil, desired
seasoning, and any Mazzone Dark Balsamic Reduction then roast in
the oven or the air fryer for a crispy and sweet addition.

5. Salad

If you are in charge of bringing salad, try blending
Mazzone Basil Olive Oil with shallot, Dijon
mustard, balsamic vinegar, and a pinch of salt and
sugar to dress your leafy greens. Toss in a handful of
chopped nuts and strawberries, or cherry tomatoes to
bring it all together.

6. Green Bean Casserole

This side dish is an underrated favorite! It is the perfect combination of
crunchy and savory and culminates the American Thanksgiving flavor. If
you are feeling adventurous add Mazzone White Truffle Oil to your creamy
green bean base and want to add a new level of sophistication to this
dish. Check out this recipe: Truffle Green Bean Casserole

7. Mashed Potatoes

Fluffy, creamy, and satisfying. One branch of the Thanksgiving Holy
Trinity and a fundamental component of the holiday meal. The perfect
Thanksgiving bite always includes mashed potatoes on the fork.
Whether you prefer Russet, red skin, or Golden Idaho, Mazzone Garlic
Olive Oil will complete this staple side dish at your table.

8. Stuffing

Everyone has their own approach. Do you prefer store bought? Or
Homemade? Stuffing is herby and satisfying and, therefore, will be
uniquely complemented with Mazzone Oregano Olive Oil. This
oil’s rich aroma adds a new spin to this comforting classic.

9. Gravy

Not only does it serve the purpose to make sure we do not waste
one bit of turkey and drippings, but gravy is the one thing that
brings everything together on a Thanksgiving plate. It’s rich and
velvety and Mazzone Rosemary Olive Oil is an element you can
add to make it even more delicious to pour over your turkey.

10. Turkey

The star of the show. The one you’ve been waiting for! Before
putting it in the oven, rub a healthy amount of Mazzone Lemon
Olive Oil onto your turkey. This will add an exquisite zestiness
that will compliment the savory side dishes piled next to it.

This year, think outside of the box when preparing your Thanksgiving feast. Use Mazzone Olive
Oil and impress your friends and family with MasterChef level flavors that will surely become the
new tradition. Enjoy spending time together and look forward to making turkey sandwiches with
leftovers for a week after.

Happy Thanksgiving!